2014 Narc Dive Club Annual Land & Underwater Clean-up

Wow what an amazing weekend and would like to say thank you to you all for however you may have contributed to this amazing event.

This event could not have been such an amazing success without every single persons/business’s contribution.

The event brought together a lot of people from all over Perth to do a common thing making the water ways a cleaner and healthier place. We had an amazing turnout with over 100 people contributing over the whole weekend.

The event started back in 2011 at Hillarys as an Earth week initiative, the following year we started the Narc Dive Club Annual Land and Underwater Clean-up.

The location of the Fishing boat harbour was a place that we have wanted to visit for a long time and getting our process in order before we got there, was a must to make it successful. The Harbour will be a long process and something that we will be working at over the next five years.

Some of the out of the ordinary pieces we came across on this clean-up were flag poles with flags attached, a working rideable mountain bike and we think they were the jaw bones of a cow.
From this clean-up we retrieved 5.355 ton of rubbish our biggest haul of debris bringing a total of 16.555 ton over the last four years.

While I feel disgusted about how the human race treats the environment, this feeling is soon over powered by looking at how much debris we have removed giving us a feeling that we are actually making a difference.

Unfortunately we live in a throwaway society; because of this I do not see an end to these sorts of clean-up events in the near future. I can only hope that generations to come will make the change and hopefully these events won’t need to happen.

Please find attached a Photo collage and our total rubbish count and a few links from the day.
Sea Shepherd interview.

Fremantle Gazette article.

If you require more photos or anything else please do not hesitate to contact me.

Cheers thanks again for your contribution you guys are awesome.

Chris Dodd
President of the Narc Dive Club Inc.

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