2005 Cape to Cape Beach Clean Up Summary

In 2005, one hundred volunteers braved 40 knot winds and a seven metre swell to collect more than 8,200 individual pieces of marine debris from 30 stretches of coastline.

The debris collected more than 1,022 kg and filled over 135 bags filled with many other items too large and heavy to be placed in bags. The debris included 1,878 small pieces of plastic, 1,347 lids and bottle tops, 1,000m of rope, 427 pieces of packing tape, 632 plastic bottles and 320 plastic bags. 90% of all debris found was made of plastic. Unfortunately 3 dead seals, 4 dead birds including one young Yellow Nosed Albatross, 7 dead fish including one porcupine fish entangled in shredded plastic packaging were also found.

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