ReefClean is a project funded by the Australian Government's Reef Trust. Launched in early 2019, the project aims to remove and prevent marine debris along the Great Barrier Reef region through to 2023. In order to do this, Tangaroa Blue Foundation has partnered with several organisations to achieve success: Conservation Volunteers Australia, Reef Check Australia, Capricornia Catchments, Eco Barge Clean Seas,  OceanWatch Australia, South Cape York Catchments, AUSMAP and Think Spatial.

The ReefClean project will deliver the following services:

• Community clean-up events
• Site monitoring
• The Great Barrier Reef Clean-up event annually in October
• Community Source Reduction Plan Workshops
• School and community engagement activities
• Data analysis
• Disaster management clean-ups

To join in on our activities, please keep an eye on our events page.