The Impossible Float

I was moulded in a kiln by man in a factory by hand the silica mined from sand

The heat I’m moulded to take my very shape, to float upon the the waves and bound by my rope.

Ah my rope my protector we float together upon the waves working as one to stay afloat.

My purpose to float I will do for man to be thrown and fetched by hand for the catch for another man.

I am not just a float for I will break free and set out upon the sea.

What will my journey be, how far will I journey what will I see, whales, birds, turtles all the creatures of the sea. Read more “The Impossible Float”

New Videos Dig Deeper into the Data

In our continued efforts to improve the training and information available to our AMDI partners, the Tangaroa Blue team has been busily developing a new series of videos that will clarify some common questions on specific items in the AMDI Database. From foam to straws to packaging, these bite-sized videos will give you the info you need to upload clear and detailed data. Read more “New Videos Dig Deeper into the Data”

Detailing Data Entries

The AMDI Database is an extensive platform which, as of May 2019, contains over 13.5 million recorded items. At the clean-up level, each of these debris items are sorted and counted, then uploaded onto the Database in their item groups. For example, the “Straws, confection sticks, cups, plates & cutlery items” group. These items are grouped together as they are all food-related, but as this is a broad category, there’s great potential for the user to add more detail.

Read more “Detailing Data Entries”