Investigation Into the Life of a Mystery Net

On the 26th Jan a mystery net (estimated weight around 600kg) was picked up by Sea Swift’s MV Malu Trojan at Switzer Reef near Barrow Island Point (just south of Princess Charlotte Bay). It was found on the edge of the main shipping lane and was lucky to be spotted by the skipper before getting caught in any propellers or trapping any marine life. A mini investigation ensued to find out the story behind it’s travel across the seas!

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The Impossible Float

I was moulded in a kiln by man in a factory by hand the silica mined from sand

The heat I’m moulded to take my very shape, to float upon the the waves and bound by my rope.

Ah my rope my protector we float together upon the waves working as one to stay afloat.

My purpose to float I will do for man to be thrown and fetched by hand for the catch for another man.

I am not just a float for I will break free and set out upon the sea.

What will my journey be, how far will I journey what will I see, whales, birds, turtles all the creatures of the sea. Read more “The Impossible Float”

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