Our Partners

With our many partners, we are changing the face of mitigating marine debris in Australia by providing a framework for individuals, communities, industry and government to successfully create change to protect our oceans.

Corporate partners

clean oceans logo HR Clean Oceans will turn the tide on plastics from entering our oceans by making our beaches and Surf Lifesaving Clubs the ‘last line of defence’.

Clean Oceans is a prevention through education program rather than a clean up organisation.

The Clean Oceans Program launched into 5 Surf Clubs in NSW in the 2017/2018 season, experiencing overwhelming support from the Clubs, Nippers and their parents as well as becoming the winner of the “initiative of the year for the sydney Branch of SLSA”.

This season 2018/19 Clean Oceans will be launching into a further 20 clubs Nationally - a campaign to turn the tide on plastics and educate our kids in prevention of waste and the virtues of Healthy hydration.

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Coastal Crunch Coastal Crunch believes in creating 'healthy eats for a healthy planet'. We strive to produce food that is wholesome, delicious and healthy. Our product packaging prioritises recyclable and compostable materials as well as using vegetable based inks/dyes in an effort to reduce plastic waste from entering the ocean. We're proud to donate our products to support the volunteers of Tangaroa Blue! Contact Form Coastal Crunch
Dunlite Dunlite has been manufacturing and supplying portable petrol and diesel powered equipment for over 70 years. Dunlite products range from portable petrol and diesel powered Generators, Welder Generators, Multi-Power, Tractor Pacs, Inverter Generators, 4-Stroke Multi-Purpose Engines, Pumps and Battery Chargers / Starters.

Dunlite has donated a portable diesel powered generator to Tangaroa Blue to assist in the logistics of running Cape York beach clean-up events and debris removal.

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For over 25 years Getac has pioneered the development of Rugged Mobile Technology for the automotive, defence, field service and utility sectors. Getac puts the user at the heart its devices, designing and manufacturing solutions that both survive and thrive in the world’s most challenging environments. User-centric, best-in-class technology makes Getac the leader in Rugged Mobile Technology.

Getac has provided special support through a rugged V110 computer for use out in the field to show their appreciation of Tangaroa Blue's efforts to protect our nature and environment.

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The Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation is a non-profit public charity founded in 2008 by Jack and Kim Johnson to promote positive and lasting change within communities by supporting organizations that focus on environmental, art, and music education.

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Johnson Ohana Foundation – USA

Mike Ball Logo Mike Ball Dive Expeditions started their journey in 1969 and have been class leaders ever since, providing unsurpassed recreational scuba diving for our guests. Our liveaboard dive vessels have roaming permits covering 1000s’ of kilometres of ocean tracts between Townsville and Cape York’s Great Barrier Reef and out into the remote Atolls of the Coral Sea.
As an advanced eco accredited tour operator, we take great pride in managing our business in a sustainable manner always endeavouring, to improve and minimise our environmental footprint.
We maintain affiliations with universities and research groups that embrace our ethos toward the study and preservation of the marine environment. We have championed for the environment for many years, securing marine protection zones within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and more recently the newly proclaimed Coral Sea Marine Reserves.
Collectively we all have a responsibility to maintain the stewardship that is vital to secure a sustainable future for the spectacular marine life that abounds within our worlds’ oceans.
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Ocean Grind

Ocean Grind is an artisan coffee roasting company on the Surf Coast of Victoria. We are passionate about two things: coffee and the coast. Our sustainability values run strong – from the way in which our coffees are farmed through to the type of packaging used for our roasted coffee. We really hope that our children and future generations can get to enjoy the ocean the way it should be. We have chosen to partner with Tangaroa Blue Foundation as they tackle the source of marine debris and also aid in educating the next generation to help curb human behaviour and keep our oceans clean.

We will pledge to donate 1% of all coffee sales to Tangaroa Blue Foundation.

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Ocean Grind

Saltwater Tribe Stacked Logo Saltwater Tribe is locally owned business established in Queensland in 2017 by founders Roxana Caha and Yvonne Hoppe. Our vision is to provide like-minded ocean and conservation lovers with a fun & stylish selection of ocean inspired gifts, art and apparel.
Our products are inspired by, and not taken from, the ocean. As we grow, we hope to reduce our carbon footprint and source a wider range of sustainable products and packaging to help support positive behavioural changes with regards to single use plastic and the throw away culture.
We’re passionate about the ocean and its incredibly diverse inhabitants and want to help safeguard it for future generations. This is why we are thrilled to support and promote the incredible work carried out by Tangaroa Blue Foundation. We will be donating 5% of our profit to Tangaroa to help their mission of tackling marine debris and educating future generations.
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Savvy is an organic, grass fed quality Beef Jerky business based locally in Perth WA.

Our Jerky is hand cut, slowly marinated, dehydrated and carefully packaged.

Our aim is to provide a mouthwatering, effortless and healthy snack for land or sea voyages. To share with your scallywag mates or by your selfish self.

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SharkView Sharkview's goal is to reduce the incidents of shark attacks on surfers without harming the animal by the use of Adaptive Camouflage surfboards that changes with the water colour and wetsuits specifically designed for the  shark vision. If the shark does not notice the person there is no incentive to approach and the attack is avoided before it even starts.

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LV color over dark blue

SisterShip Magazine – the World’s First Boating Magazine for Women
Written by women for women, SisterShip is an international magazine with the ethos:
Belong: Share passions with like-minded people;
Encourage: Support women, assist, advise, share, trust;
Inspire: Creating ideas, thoughts, hopes, dreams;
Inform: Promote safety, topical, newsy, fresh, detail; and
Entertain: Be exciting, new, fun, rich, safe, honest, reliable.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. SisterShip Magazine
Sunbutter SunButter Oceans is an all natural suncare company based on the Mornington Peninsula. We create sunscreen and surf zincs with integrity delivering a high quality product that doesn't cost the earth, protecting both people and oceans. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. SunButter Oceans
Two Monkeys Foundation Two Monkeys Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation, making an investment in the future via its philanthropic structure. Foundation assets are managed for the purpose of providing grants to eligible Australian charities.   Two Monkeys Foundation
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Wavelength is one of  the longest running reef operators in Port Douglas, being owned by marine biologists since 1986 – we are an Advanced Eco-Accredited & Climate Action Certified operator with the philosophy and dedication to small group, low impact, close to nature education adventures to the Great Barrier Reef. We offer a truly unique day out with a maximum of 30 passengers visiting 3 exclusive reef sites across Opal, Tongue and St Crispin’s Reef. Our onboard marine biologist give guided snorkel tours and reef talks to share our passion for the reef and why it’s worth protecting. Our sites are chosen for the quality of the coral, the diversity of reef types and marine life and the needs of snorkelers. We aim to show you how good the reef can be and provide the best outer reef experience available – in a low impact way.

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We Refill Logo TM We as a community make the choice to refill for water without waste. It all starts with one bottle. Contact Form We-refill
Emailing WodUp Line logo 1 At WODUP we've always had the environment in mind. And in our travels to becoming a sustainable business, we've found some hidden gems when it comes to textiles. Not only in terms of sustainability - but in terms of durability and performance as well. WODUP is constantly implementing the #ecoisgo approach, to ensure the last thing you need to worry about is your clothing staking up! Contact Form WODUP

Supporting partners

Australian partners

dept of agriculture logo

The Department of Agriculture is a federal governmental body, which aims to enhance the sustainability, profitability and competitiveness of Australia's agriculture, food, fisheries and forestry industries.

General Inquiries Contact Form

Australian Government Department of Agriculture


The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) is a statutory authority established under the Australian Maritime Safety Authority Act 1990. AMSA's principal functions are promoting maritime safety, protection of the environment, preventing and combating ship-sourced pollution.

Contact Enquiries

Australian Maritime Safety Authority


Operated by a non-profit community organisation known as BJECA (Busselton Jetty Environment and Conservation Association), the Busselton Jetty is the longest timber-piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere, extending 1.8 kilometres across the Geographe Bay in Western Australia.

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Busselton Jetty


Founded in 1982 in Ballarat, Victoria, Conservation Volunteers Australia has expanded to now involve hundreds of thousands of volunteers across Australia and the world. Their aim is to involve everyone in the sustainable management of the environment.

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Conservation Volunteers Australia


Located in Far North Queensland, Cook Shire has several established organisations aiding in the environmental management of the town. An initiative created by the council is the Tippanys Cash for Christmas, a reward gesture for the reduce and reuse of wqste by the community.

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Cook Shire

FNPW stacked logo RGB lores SMALL Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife is a non-government organisation whose mission is to protect and enhance Australia’s natural and cultural heritage by providing environmental education and funding for land protection and the conservation of wilderness and wildlife. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife


Keep Australia Beautiful WA (KABWA) provides leadership in the field of litter prevention and reduction. Though community awareness and engagement, education, legislation and enforcement strategies KABWA works to change the attitudes and behaviours of the community and strives for a litter-free WA.

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Keep Australia Beautiful WA


Fiji-born didgeridoo artist and stringed instrument virtuoso Jay Hoad, performs both as a solo artist and also fronts an extremely high energy band. Jay has spent the last seven years touring the globe, following the sun and his inspiration for music throughout the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, Fiji, India, and North America, keeping up a relentless performance schedule whilst passionately learning about third world culture and every style of music he can sink his teeth in to

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Musician - Jay Hoad


Parks Victoria is a statutory authority, created by the Parks Victoria Act 1998 and reporting to the Minister for Environment and Climate Change.We are responsible for managing an expanding and diverse estate covering more than 4 million hectares, or about 17 per cent, of Victoria.

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Parks Victoria


A government body created for the protection of Tasmanias forests and fauna, Parks and Wildlife Service Tasmania aims toconserve the State's natural and cultural heritage while providing for sustainable use and economic opportunities for the Tasmanian community.

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Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania


Reef Check Australia believes in protecting reefs and oceans by empowering people. We are an innovative environmental charity dedicated to protecting Australia's reefs and oceans by engaging the community in hands-on research and education.

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Reef Check Australia


Responsible Runners integrate running/walking with weekly cleanups to reduce marine debris, build stronger communities, and raise awareness about raise awareness about the health and environmental dangers of single-use disposable waste, particularly plastic, to effect positive behavioural change. Volunteers submit data an all hauls to Tangaroa Blue's Australian Marine Debris Initiative.

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Responsible Runners

Tex and Bundy

Tex & Bundy are a well known Australian motorcycling, charity fundraising duo. An Aussie bloke (Tex) and his stumpy tailed cattle dog (Bundy) who love & live to ride together. Tex & Bundy have ridden over 600,000km together for charity all around Australia supporting countless charities.


Tex & Bundy - The Dog on the Bike


Unitywater has sponsored the 2017 Sunshine Coast Adopt-A-Beach project. The project has engaged almost 1000 students in the Sunshine Coast region during 2017 in a marine debris and litter presentation, a creek or school yard clean-up and a excursion to a local beach for a clean-up event. All clean-ups included data collection for submission into the AMDI Database. 

We thank Unitywater for their support in educating the next generations on how to protect our marine environment.

Contact Form Unitywater

International partners


For over a century, Fauna & Flora International (FFI) has made a lasting impact on global biodiversity. Our vision is a sustainable future for the planet, where biodiversity is effectively conserved by the people who live closest to it, supported by the global community and choosing solutions that are based on sound science. FFI supports over 140 projects in more than 40 countries including the Good Scrub Guide which aims to reduce microplastics entering the marine ecosystem through effective corporate engagement.

 Contact Form Fauna & Flora International


International Pellet Watch is a volunteer-based global monitoring program designed to monitor the pollution status of the oceans. Since its launch in 2005, ~ 80 groups and individuals from ~ 50 countries have been participating in this project to cover ~ 200 locations around the world. We focus on persistent organic pollutants (POPs) such as PCBs and organochlorine pesticides.

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International Pellet Watch – Japan


The K?kua Hawai?i Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports environmental education in the schools and communities of Hawai?i. Our mission is to provide students with experiences that will enhance their appreciation for and understanding of their environment so they will be lifelong stewards of the earth.

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Kokua Foundation – Hawaii

1percent 1% for the Planet’s mission is to build, support and activate an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet.
As we celebrate our 10 year anniversary and more than $100 million invested in positive environmental change by our member companies, we invite you to join us by supporting member businesses, volunteering with and donating to our nonprofit partners, and spreading the word about 1% for the Planet.
Contact Email 1% for the Planet


Plastic Pollution Coalition is a global alliance of individuals, organizations and businesses working together to stop plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on humans, animals, the ocean and the environment. With its work, Plastic Pollution seeks to put plastic pollution at the forefront of global social, environmental and political discourse.

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Plastic Pollution Coalition – USA