Tangaroa Blue Foundation has an international network of volunteers and partners who collaborate with Tangaroa Blue Foundation through the Australian Marine Debris Initiative.

The AMDI network has introduced us to some of the most passionate, inspirational and dedicated people on the planet who have honoured us by agreeing to accept the title of Tangaroa Blue Ambassador.

Our Ambassadors are based around the world and are true role models and leaders in their communities and networks, making a positive impact on the health of our environment and inspiring others to do the same.

Bernadette Davis (aka Flea)

Bernadette’s passion for protecting the ocean comes from a lifetime of living close to the sea, exploring our coastline and searching out her favourite surf breaks.

She has over 20 years’ experience in environmental education with Local Government and lives on the south coast of NSW where she works part time for Eurobodalla Shire Council and coordinates the Eurobodalla Marine Debris working group.

Bernadette is the co-founder of Ekipa Tasi Mos Atauro (clean ocean team Atauro) in Timor Leste and travels to the island regularly to continue her work there.  You can follow their work on their Facebook page.

She is a dedicated (and self-confessed) AMDI Database nerd who loves to trace that trash back to its source to try to eliminate it from the marine debris stream.


Owen Harris

Owen is a very passionate little Wildlife Warrior. He might only be five years old but he sure packs huge passion and dedication into that little human. He loves everything to do with wildlife and he wants to do all he can to help protect them.

For Owen, everything is an adventure so he decided he wanted to start 'Owen's Wildlife Adventures' to try and share his passion and hopefully inspire others to follow suit and help him make a difference. He believes everyone can make a difference no matter how small and he is showing us all that there are no limits and that even the littlest ones amongst us can help.

Owen collects a lot of rubbish and also records the information in the AMDI Database so that he can contribute to stopping this whole issue at the source. Owen is very proud to be part of the Tangaroa Blue and Reef Clean crew. He wants to make sure that when he has kids there will still be fish in the ocean and not just plastic.  In his spare time, he loves nothing more than saving sea turtles.

Poppy Ives

Poppy has had a passion for the ocean from a young age and, inspired by the work of Tangaroa Blue and the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warrior program, she started her own monthly beach clean-up in November 2017. Calling the group Visionary Ocean Warriors, a spin-off from the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warrior program, Poppy’s focus was removing marine debris and in turn protecting endangered marine life.

Since the group's inception in late 2017 Poppy has shown her commitment to the cause by monitoring the chosen site at Golden Beach on the Sunshine Coast, each month, engaging volunteers, and collating the debris into the Australian Marine Debris Initiative. To date, she has entered 11,000 pieces of debris, totaling 183 kilos, and engaging 288 volunteers, with the help and commitment of friends and participants of the beach clean-ups.

Poppy spreads the message for refusing single-use plastic and protecting the oceans with fundraising efforts, producing hand-printed 'Plastic Free Sea’ t-shirts and handmade bracelets, using the monies from the sales to fundraise for Tangaroa Blue.

From a young age, Poppy always loved swimming, and spent many years competitively swimming in her region, and spending time at the beach. Poppy aspires to become a marine biologist, stating “I am interested in the ocean because it hasn’t been totally discovered, it’s pretty cool with all the creatures living in it, especially sharks.”

Elijah Richardson

Elijah enjoys learning from the world around him. His love for the ocean, reef, rock pools, and sea life has enabled him to do this and follow his favourite activity of snorkeling. This has made him aware of the damage that litter/marine debris poses to marine life and their environments.

Elijah’s caring soul and inquisitive mind have made him passionate about protecting these ocean environments, especially the Great Barrier Reef. He collects litter/marine debris from local beaches and those he visits and wants to see others do the same.

He is promoting his actions on Instagram (‘elijahsworldqld’) and Facebook (‘Elijah’s World’), and taking opportunities to share his message through other social media pages, local radio, and newspapers to encourage everyone to play their part in protecting our natural world.

Elijah is excited to learn more from the team at Tangaroa Blue and share their work with others.