Preserving Christmas Island

Accompanied by a team of 14 dedicated volunteers, Casey Woodward, WA Project Coordinator for Tangaroa Blue, embarked on a remarkable journey spanning 2600km to reach the remote haven of Christmas Island in the heart of the Indian Ocean. This island, a supremely biodiverse region of Australia’s Indian Ocean Territories (IOT), has been a recurring destination for Tangaroa Blue since 2017.

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Over 3 Tonnes Removed from Mapoon

Mapoon is situated on the western side of the Gulf of Carpentaria, on the lands and seas of the Tjungundji People, approximately 900km north of Cairns. Mapoon Aboriginal Community is situated on the Southern shores of Port Musgrave which is where the mighty Wenlock River and Ducie Rivers meet and drain into the Indian Ocean.

This area is full of diverse wildlife and is a popular nesting site for Flatback, Olive Ridley, and Hawksbill marine turtles and many shorebirds. Unfortunately, these habitats are becoming incredibly affected by marine debris from locations far and wide.

In July, the Tangaroa Blue team were fortunate enough to be involved in cleaning up these beaches with support from Mapoon Land & Sea Rangers, Old Mapoon Aboriginal Corporation and Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council. Over 5 days, we removed over 3,400 kilograms of debris from Janie Creek and Back Beach.

Notable marine debris finds include:

  • 93 kilograms of rope
  • 1 large anchor FAD
  • 120 kilograms of plastic water bottles
  • 1 old Motorola phone
  • 5L plastic bottle of unidentified seeds

We are incredibly grateful to our group of volunteers who assisted us so much in the removal of this marine debris. Our remote clean-up events are always hard work, but incredibly rewarding.

This event could not have occurred without the support of the Morris Family Foundation, along with Mapoon Land & Sea Rangers, Old Mapoon Aboriginal Corporation and Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council.

Proudly Introducing the ‘Tackle Back’ Product in Partnership with Shimano

We recently unveiled our latest innovation, the Rig Recycle ‘Tackle Back’ product, in partnership with Shimano at the 2023 AFTA Tackle Show on the Gold Coast.

The ‘Tackle Back’ is designed to empower recreational fishers in preserving their favourite fishing spots by responsibly disposing of fishing-related waste. Whether you’re an avid angler or a weekend warrior, this product will provide you with the means to keep our waterways clean and thriving.

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