Exploring the Coral Sea Marine Park: A Voyage to Preserve Island Health and Biodiversity

Project Coordinator Ian recently joined Parks Australia staff, volunteers, and Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) field rangers on an exciting 14-day voyage. They embarked on a journey to explore 12 stunning cays and islets located in the central and far eastern regions of the Coral Sea Marine Park (CSMP).

This marked the fourth major voyage organized by Parks Australia in support of the CSMP Island Health Project, which was initiated back in 2018. Previous expeditions successfully assessed the health of 48 cays and islets, including the Coringa Islets, Herald Cays, Diamond Islets, Lihou Reef cays, and various others. The latest voyage aimed to complete the island health assessments for all 54 permanent cays and islets in the CSMP, with a special focus on revisiting high priority vegetated areas.

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ReefClean: The Race Against Waste

How will IRONMAN Group tackle waste this year?

Tangaroa Blue Foundation and the IRONMAN Group will be collaborating under the ReefClean initiative to tackle waste generated at this year’s Cairns Airport IRONMAN.

The project is a ReefClean initiative that was developed to reduce the amount of event specific waste sent to landfill and help overcome issues such as pollution from litter on the race course.

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Record Breaking Cape York Helicopter Clean-up

Over the past week a team of 25 people including volunteers, Elders and Custodians were flown by helicopter to a remote beach on Wuthathi Country where they removed a staggering 10.8 tonnes of marine debris.

The unique clean-up, which targeted almost three kilometres of coastline along Wuthathi Ngaachi (Country) and Karakara (Sea Country), is one of the hundreds of clean-ups marine debris organisation Tangaroa Blue Foundation runs each year.

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