New Litter Hero Beach Hand Bins

Littering is a major environmental issue that continues to affect our planet’s health. The increasing amount of waste that ends up in our oceans is not only harmful to marine life but also poses a significant threat to human health. The ReefClean ‘Litter Hero’ campaign has partnered with designer and environmental advocate, Josie Jones to develop a solution to help this problem – the Beach Hand Bin. Read more “New Litter Hero Beach Hand Bins”

New and Improved AMDI App Launch

The Australian Marine Debris Initiative (AMDI) is set to launch its new and improved Marine Debris and Litter Collection App on March 31st at 9 am!

Since its establishment in 2004, AMDI has been at the forefront of addressing marine debris and litter issues across Australia. This national marine debris database has recorded over 23 million items to date, thanks to each and every person who has contributed!

Read more “New and Improved AMDI App Launch”

Tackling litter this Rugby Season

Tangaroa Blue is working with Queensland Country Bank Stadium on a Litter Hero source reduction plan (SRP) as part of our ReefClean program and will be attending all Rugby League games for this season to help reduce litter at these events.

The focus of this SRP is on Containers for Change,  encouraging the public to recycle their cans and bottles in designated blue bins instead of having them end up in the general waste bins/landfill.

With many games left for this footy season, we welcome any volunteers who are interested in helping out at future games.
Please email for more information or to put your name down.

ReefClean is funded by the Australian Government’s Reef Trust and is delivered by Tangaroa Blue Foundation.

Successful IOT Grant to help Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling) Island Marine Parks

Tangaroa Blue Foundation is one of 17 grantees chosen to deliver projects that will support the recently proclaimed Christmas Island and Cocos (Keeling) Islands marine parks.

The new marine parks protect 744,070 square kilometres of incredibly unique and ecologically significant marine habitats and species.

Tangaroa Blue Foundations “Indian Ocean Territories Marine Debris Initiative” will build on existing marine debris datasets and include the implementation of our robust monitoring methodologies so that we can work alongside the community and key stakeholders to measure the impact of policy change around plastics from a state, national and international perspective.

Tangaroa Blue Foundation’s WA Project Coordinator, Casey Woodward says “this is such a great opportunity to diversify the way in which we support and share knowledge with the Indian Ocean Territory community and other stakeholders to tackle key threats like marine debris to marine life and amenities. We have really focused the components of the project on capacity building and data analysis and we cannot wait to get started!”.

Some of the other complimentary projects that will be undertaken include:

  • Supporting the Christmas Island community to protect the iconic red crabs during their annual breeding migration
  • Restoring seagrass habitats to provide an ecosystem nursery for fish and other species
  • Surveying resident foraging sea turtles, their habitats, diets and movement, with a focus on green turtles
  • Researching and monitoring coral reef health and diversity, including comparing them with the diversity of reef species from other locations.

Tangaroa Blue are grateful to those that provided letters of support and volunteered their time to add value to our application. We are looking forward to the rollout of a successful programme doing our part to preserve and protect marine life in Western Australia.

This project was made possible via the Australian Governments Ocean Leadership Package supporting the Indian Ocean Territories (IOT) Marine Parks Grant.