2020 WA Beach Clean-Up

This year’s WA Beach Clean-up saw over 80 groups adopt a coastal or estuarine site across the State, engaging 783 volunteers in local action. The clean-ups ranged from small one-person clean-ups to big ones like the 70 awesome people who took part in the South Beach clean-up, pictured above.

Thanks to everyone who has returned data to the Australian Marine Debris Database and sharing your fabulous photos. More than 52,325 items, weighing in at 1284kg were removed from the environment because of your help!

So far the responses we have received from our short survey shows more than 60% of people have learned something new about the marine debris issue from participating in this event. With many reporting that they will commit to a change in behaviour, from talking to family and friends about the issue, reducing personal plastic use or doing more regular clean-ups.

We have rewarded some of our first data returners with a gift from SunButter, and the most unusual item prize of an ONYA Life side bag goes to Julie from DCBA at Frankland District for her find of a fossilised shark tooth!

Our random draw of participants has chosen these winners: Jocelyn Evans and Shelley Dorizzi who share in the prizes from the Tangaroa Blue Sea Store.

Complete the 3-minute survey (and pass on to your volunteer crew) to go in the draw to win our remaining prize of the inspiring “Plastic Free” read from Rebecca Prince-Ruiz (Recent winner of the WA Local Hero Award in the Australian of the Year 2020) and Joanna Atherfold Finn.


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