2020 ReefClean Report: Challenging COVID to Deliver Reef-wide Success

The 2020 ReefClean Report showcases what is possible with strong partners, adaptive management and creativity! We were thrilled that all ReefClean deliverables were met even with the challenges that 2020 presented.

In 2020, 15.5 tonnes of marine debris was removed from the environment across all Great Barrier Reef Natural Resource Management regions from the Torres Strait to the Burnett Mary.

Not surprisingly, the total number of volunteers involved in clean-up events decreased by approximately 19% from 2,200 volunteers in 2019 to 1,873 in 2020 due to the extended period when no, or very few volunteers were able to participate due to COVID-19 restrictions.
The total number of self-managed clean-up events increased from 38 events in 2019 to 47 events in 2020. This may indicate that people opted to run smaller activities, avoiding large, crowded events.

We would like to acknowledge all ReefClean partners and volunteers for another successful year. We look forward to continuing to build on the marine debris removal and prevention work in the coming third year of the ReefClean project.

ReefClean is funded by the Australian Government’s Reef Trust and delivered by Tangaroa Blue Foundation in partnership with Conservation Volunteers Australia, AUSMAP, Capricornia Catchments, Eco Barge Clean Seas, OceanWatch Australia, Reef Check Australia, and South Cape York Catchments.

To view the full 2020 ReefClean Report, click here. To view the accompanying AUSMAP microplastics report, click here.

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