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Facebook tile with scheme IDThe Queensland Container Refund Scheme is live, and Tangaroa Blue Foundation is accepting your donations.

To donate, bring your bottles and cans to a donation refund point and quote our Scheme ID: C10033976.

This ensures the funds get to us.

Thank you!

$5 million to tackle marine debris across the Great Barrier Reef

201408 Woody2Tangaroa Blue Foundation and Conservation Volunteers Australia are excited to announce that we have been engaged by the Australian Government to deliver a $5 million program of local actions to clean-up and prevent litter from entering Great Barrier Reef waterways over the next five years.

Tangaroa Blue Foundation is a leading not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the removal and prevention of marine debris. In 2004, Tangaroa Blue Foundation established the Australian Marine Debris Initiative which has a network of over 1,000 partners, engaging over 120,000 volunteers and removing more than 1,000 tonnes of litter from Australia’s marine environment.

Heidi Taylor, CEO and founder of Tangaroa Blue Foundation “We are excited that this funding from the Australian Government will enable us, together with our local AMDI partners, to develop and implement a strategic plan over the next five years to tackle marine debris across the Reef and to address the increasing threat it represents to this natural icon.”

As Australia’s largest environmental volunteer engagement organisation, Conservation Volunteers Australia will work in close collaboration with Tangaroa Blue Foundation and a range of local project partners to build on existing efforts to clean up the Reef.

“We are excited to partner with Tangaroa Blue and other AMDI partners to mobilise the community to tackle the challenge of marine debris” Phil Harrison, CEO of Conservation Volunteers Australia.


AMDI App User Video

With the launch of the new Australian Marine Debris Initiative data collection app (available on both Android and Apple), we've just created a short how-to-video to help you navigate your way through the data collection process! If you have any questions about the app just send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

A big thanks to Jarrod & Craig from Streamline Media for producing our video, and Brett from We-Refill for the voiceover along with funding from the Morris Foundation to help produce the video.

Cleaning up Beaches around Orpheus & Fantome Islands

201809 Orpheus1Tangaroa Blue Foundation and a team of 17 ambitious individuals set out from Lucinda towards Orpheus Island National Park with a mission to relieve sections of the windward stretch of coast from the burden of discarded and forgotten marine debris. Staying at the Orpheus Island Research Station from the 28th of September to the 1st of October 2018, the crew split up into groups to cover more coastline over the two days, accessing some sites by hiking trails or via water with Queensland Parks and Wildlife’s barge, the “Island Ranger”.

The group successfully cleared a total of 3.5 kilometers of coastline from 711kgs of marine debris that translates to a volume of 10,970 liters, where more than 80% of the haul was plastic!!

The year 2018 has hosted two Orpheus Island clean-up events where Tangaroa Blue has been able to collaborate with partners in the expansion of clean-up sites around the Goolboddi Islands. This past weekend the team targeted their existing sites at Pioneer, Fig Tree and Big Rock bays, in addition to two new sites at South Beach and Picnic Bay on Orpheus. They were also able to stretch out and step foot on the northern beach of Fantome Island for the first time, removing 210kgs of mostly light-weight plastics such as drink bottles and foam! Across just 600 meters, the team loaded up 4,200 liters from Fantome onto the Island Ranger for transportation to mainland for proper disposal.


Intrepid Paddlers Raise Funds for Tangaroa Blue

Paddlers 1by Mathilde Gordon of Passage Adventures

We sat in our lounge room in Australia staring down at the 45 marine charts that showed our 2042km kayak expedition through the Inside Passage, and it was hard to even imagine what was in store for us. The 3-month journey would take us from Glacier Bay, North West of Juneau, through the island passages of Southeast Alaska and British Columbia, to the southern end of Vancouver Island. Only books and words from other kayakers could help us imagine what awaited us. From the moment we dipped our paddles into the icy waters of Glacier Bay, Alaska, we were challenged, awed and inspired. The expedition was everything we wanted, and more than we bargained for.


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Since 2004 Tangaroa Blue volunteers and partners have been hard at work cleaning our beaches!

  • Number of clean-up sites: 2,839
  • Number of volunteers: 123,492
  • Number of tonnes removed: 1,025 tonnes
  • Number of items removed: 12,346,128 items
  • Number of volunteer hours: 315,222 hours
  • Number of clean-ups: 13,513